Red, White & Blue Life of a Warrior (HARDCOVER)


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Jake Lewis was nine years old when his father began beating him with a leather strap. He joined the Navy on his seventeenth birthday. After boot camp, he experienced the wonders of the Far East as a seaman on the USS Henry W. Tucker. He met the finest geisha girls in Japan and the most beautiful Chinese girls in Hong Kong. The nights spent with Taiwanese girls are forever on his mind. Jake attended the Navy Special Warfare Training at Coronado Naval Base. He was flown with twenty-eight others to South Vietnam. They were assigned to the CIA for three years. These special operations teams traveled throughout the southeastern Asian jungles. Jake also served his country for twenty-five years as a U.S. Special Agent. Jake and seven other Vietnam veterans were hired to kill America’s most violent criminals. The CIA then used him for thirteen years.

Inspired by actual events, this novel is filled with adventure and lessons on what it means to fight for freedom.

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